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Triceps with one arm on a pulley: what it is for and how to do it

The Triceps exercise with one arm on a pulley is a key piece in training aimed at the effective and balanced development of the triceps muscles.

This movement, performed on pulley machines, is known for providing intense activation in the lateral and medial heads of the triceps, contributing significantly to the definition and strength of this region.

Its uniqueness lies in its unilateral execution, which not only challenges the muscles in isolation, but also promotes core and shoulder stability, increasing the overall quality of the workout.

When approaching the Triceps with an Arm on a Pulley, we dive into an exercise that goes beyond the aesthetics of the arms. This movement offers an opportunity to improve core stability, muscular coordination, and functional endurance, making it valuable for a variety of fitness goals.

Below, we will explore not only the appropriate technique for performing it, but also the variants that allow customization according to individual needs, providing practitioners with a versatile approach to improving the triceps muscles.

By incorporating One-Arm Pulley Triceps into your workout routine, you'll be taking solid steps toward stronger, toned, and functionally fit arms.

What is the Triceps for with an Arm on the Pulley:

Triceps with One Arm Pulley

The One-Arm Pulley Triceps Exercise plays a crucial role in developing the triceps muscles, giving them definition and strength. Its main purpose is to strengthen the lateral and medial heads of the triceps, promoting aesthetic balance in the arms.

In addition, the unilateral movement challenges core and shoulder stability, contributing to more refined muscle coordination.

The versatility of this exercise makes it useful both for those looking for muscular hypertrophy and for those looking to improve the functional resistance of the upper limbs.

Muscles Worked on the Triceps with One Arm on the Pulley:

The One-Arm Pulley Triceps Press focuses primarily on the lateral and medial heads of the triceps. These portions of the muscle are intensely activated during the elbow extension movement.

In addition, stabilizing muscles play a significant role, including the core muscles, which work to maintain posture, and the shoulder stabilizing muscles, which contribute to joint stability during exercise.

The coordinated activation of these muscle groups results in a comprehensive workout for the triceps region and surrounding areas.

How to do triceps curls with one arm on a pulley:

Correctly performing the One-Arm Pulley Triceps is essential to optimize the benefits and reduce the risk of injury. Start by adjusting the pulley machine to a suitable height. Position yourself next to the pulley, keeping your feet apart to ensure stability.

Hold the handle with one hand, keeping your elbow bent.

As you extend your elbow, move your hand toward the floor, focusing on fully contracting your triceps.

Return to the starting position in a controlled manner. Maintain a stable posture, avoiding compensatory movements to maximize the effectiveness of the exercise.

Variations of the Triceps Exercise with One Arm on the Pulley:

There are several ways to vary the Triceps with One Arm Pulley to challenge the muscles in different ways.

Experimenting different grips on the handle, such as a pronated or supinated grip, can alter muscle activation.

Adjusting the position of the body in relation to the machine can also modify the angle of movement, providing a variety of stimuli for the triceps.

Exercises that Can Replace the Triceps with an Arm on the Pulley:

If the One-Arm Pulley Triceps is not possible due to equipment limitations or individual preferences, there are effective alternatives. The Triceps Pulley with rope or bar, the Triceps Kickback with dumbbells, the Triceps Dips, the Pulley Triceps Extension and the Triceps Kickback with dumbbells are examples of exercises that can be incorporated to work the triceps in a similar way, offering variation in the routine. training.


In conclusion, the One-Arm Triceps Pulley proves to be a valuable and versatile component in training programs focused on developing the triceps muscles.

Its unique ability to isolate the lateral and medial heads of the triceps, combined with the requirement for core and shoulder stability during unilateral execution, highlights it as a multifunctional exercise.

The search for more defined and stronger arms finds the Triceps with an Arm on Pulley not only an aesthetic tool, but also an effective means of promoting muscular coordination and functional resistance.

By regularly incorporating this exercise into their training routine, practitioners can expect not only a visible increase in triceps definition, but also broader benefits in terms of body stability and functional performance.

The variety of grips and positions allows personalized adaptations, meeting individual needs and providing a constant challenge.

Ultimately, the One-Arm Triceps Pulley stands out as a smart choice for those seeking a comprehensive approach to arm strengthening and overall fitness improvement.


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