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We are one of the most traditional gyms in the central region of São Paulo. In our more than 19 years, we are proud to have been part of the lives of several people. We cultivate great friendships with our students, always with the goal of making a difference, through health, in every life we touch. 

On our journey, we managed to create a true family, united and inseparable, and that is precisely the feeling you get when you arrive here. Central Fitness is not just a gym, this is your place for leisure and physical activity. It is home to your second family. A huge family of people passionate about quality of life , well - being , health and , above all , your life . 

We are bordered by the main places in the Center, and also with several access points in the city, which will make it easier for you to get here. The Bandeira terminal, the Anhangabaú Metro, Xavier de Toledo, Rua da Consolação, a Brigadeiro Luiz Antônio, in addition to several parking lots are close to Central Fitness. Making it the best place for you to do your physical activity.

We have more than nine modalities for you to choose from, ranging  from fights to group classes, so you can be sure you're in theTHE MOST COMPLETE ACADEMY IN THE CENTER.

Mission:Our mission is to deliver every day the best service, the best service and the best support you can receive within a gym. For this, we are constantly training our professionals, we renew schedules to better adapt to your reality, we add classes that are requested, we invest in various communication channels. Everything for you. 


Vision:We want to turn Central Fitness into a lifestyle. The family, friendly, welcoming style that the gym has, we want it to be multiplied throughout the city of São Paulo and thus bring more quality of life to people.  

Values:We are guided by commitment. this is the main pillar bone. commitment to your life, to your result. We are constantly evaluating your workouts so that you really reach your ultimate goal, whatever that may be. 

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