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One of the main differentials of your Central Fitness gym are as different types of group classesthat we have, since no other gym in the region offers this amount of modalities for students. In addition to being theonly academy in Bela Vistato offer the Cross Training modality. Rest assured that here we have an ideal activity prepared for you.

There are more than 9 modesranging from fights, dances, spinning, activities with dumbbells and several other activities that will help you take care of your health, while getting in shape in a happy and relaxed way in this gym that is close to you, at Rua Santo Antônio, 513.

We have several class schedules so that you can fit group classes into your own timetable.   This way, you won't be left out of our activities and fit the central fitness gym into your own timetable.

Our classes have super friendly teachers who will be ready whenever you need and we still provide the maximum possible attention, because here you are part of our family.


Clicking on the modalities below you will be able to check more about the class, doubt about the class schedules just click on "timetables" and check. * 

* Hours subject to change

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