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With super diversified and fun choreography, the zumba class Here at central fitness   can reach the incredible caloric expenditure of a thousand calories per hour of class. Zumba will definitely be a class you will fall in love with.

Mixing different Latin and international rhythms, the zumba class at the Central Fitness Academy is a great option to get away from the same old routine and have a diversified high-calorie workout. We are one of the few gyms in downtown São Paulo to offer this modality free of charge in the basic plan. We don't charge anything else for it. 

For those of you who don't like aerobic classes or bodybuilding per se,  this class is ideal for you.   Lots of good energy and positivity while losing localized fat, losing weight with health and increasing your quality of life. 

Zumba differs from other aerobic activities because this mixture of rhythms that is done during the class creates a great change in heart rate, this makes the student experience different levels of intensity, without pause, allowing a greater and more efficient caloric expenditure. . All this, added to the feeling of fun, makes the student "burn off that unwanted fat".  


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