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Functional fitness routines may seem easy at first, as they are often the most common exercises recommended by trainers; however, they are much more difficult for neophytes just starting out. For example, jumping jacks, one of the most well-known calisthenics, may seem simple at first glance, but this exercise uses every muscle in the body - from the top to the bottom. Also, this exercise is a medium calorie burner - you'll burn a lot of fat just doing this for an hour compared to what you would normally burn doing other exercises.

Functional or not, fitness isn't just about strength and flexibility. It's also about body alignment. Believe it or not, even those who are in good physical shape can fall prey to misalignments and chronic injuries. Restorative exercises like Yoga help to restore the body's alignment. This, in turn, can make the body function optimally.

When you do functional exercises, you usually focus on your core and abs. The muscles found in these areas are what stabilize your body and maintain your coordination. Core exercises usually involve pull-ups and planking, two exercises that are very difficult for someone just starting their fitness journey for the first time, and also burn a lot of calories.

At the Central Fitness academy we have the best professionals in the center of São Paulo  specialized in functional training and totally dedicated to bringing the best to the student, making the student have better results in a short time.

You're not alone if you're thinking that routine day-to-day activities like lifting heavy objects ​​ at home or picking items off the top shelf in your bedroom, are not really contributing to the total calories burned by your body. While working out at the gym definitely helps you burn more calories, it's the daily activities you do that contribute the most to weight lifting when it comes to burning calories to lose weight. That's why you're out of breath when you're babysitting your nieces and nephews or when you're helping a friend move.

This is where functional fitness comes into play. The purpose of this new fitness regimen is not just to help you lose weight. It also aims to train your muscles to help you handle daily activities without feeling tense or tired.

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