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Here at your Central Fitness Academy you have a complete spinning room to have an excellent indoor pedal training.

In the central region of São Paulo  Academia Central Fitness is one of the few gyms that offers a room dedicated to spinning  with classes in this modality several days and times a week .


Spinning  is one of the modalities at the Central Fitness Academy that is most successful among students and is one of the most disputed classes. Spinning  consists of an indoor pedal stroke, standing still,  that promotes fat burning, strengthens muscles and increases cardiovascular and respiratory capacity. So, you already know, right? If you want to lose fat fast, spinning is a great choice.


Energy expenditure can vary between 500 and 700 calories per class, depending on the practitioner.

 At the central fitness center spinning you will be accompanied by a teacher who will dictate the rhythm of the classes accompanied by good music to give you that boost at the time of your training, ensuring that you are taken by a good and contagious energy all class time. By the way, spinning is a great class to start your day with that sensational energy.

If you are looking for a dynamic class that is different from the common bodybuilding classes, spinnning is a good choice.


With so many benefits, spinning here at the central fitness gym will certainly meet your needs. Get in touch and register with us. 


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