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winMore Muscle Mass. Learn Definitely Howlose weight naturally.
Learn Finally 
How to Lose Belly FatIt isGet rid of arm fat.
Develop well-defined Legs, Buttocks and Arms.

transform your lifethrough physical activity.

You are one step away from having the result you always wanted in a definitive way. Join the select Deyllot Sports Advisory Family and take the missing step to conquer your dream.


who is itPaul deyllot?


Hello my future, my future student, how are you? I hope so.

Pleasure, my name is Paulo Deyllot CREF: 019043-G/SP I own one of the most traditional gyms in downtown São Paulo, Academia Central Fitness.

I'm a jiu-jitsu black belt at Equipe Barbosa and I've been in the fitness market for as long as I can remember.It's been more than 20 years totally dedicated to the practice of physical activities.

I divide my time between the owner of Central Fitness andSports Advisor for over 19 years,and I was lucky to be ablehelp over 613 students, in a variety of ways.

So much time dedicated to this area made me understand and know exactly what you need to do to achieve your goal.

If you have trouble burning fat, losing your belly, if that arm fat bothers you and you don't know what to do to lose it, I can help you.

And you who have been training for months, maybe years, and still haven't left the same place? Yes, I've already seen it in those years ahead of Central and with the practical knowledge, I can assure you that you will have the right person to help you reach another level of physique.  

My service isONLINEorIN PERSON.


That way, wherever you are in the world, I can reach you.

With a BONUS, if you are from São Paulo, you can train directly with me, here at Central Fitness.



Have you ever had the experience of going to the gym to work out and not having results? From running for hours on the treadmill and not seeing thatbelly disappear? Or have you ever been on miraculous diets and the most you've managed to lose is 1 kg and still 1 week later you've recovered everything?

are looking forhow to lose belly, have tried everything and do not know how?


Nor reza braba sent thebutt fat though?

Yeah, I know what you're going through.


In these and many other situations, I've seen situations like yours over the years working with many different types of people.


athletes,elderly,children,people with injuries ecommon people, just like you, who want to be in good physical shape or just take better care of their health and don't know how and don't have a suitable professional.

Unlike many professionals who are graduating now and entering the market, who love to stall and promise true miracles, I come to propose a challenge that canchange your lifestyle forever.

The sports advisory service isfocused on your needs.


You can hire the service online or in person.


through aCareful and thorough evaluationyour needs, your strengths and weaknesses, your fat level, cardio respiratory capacity and physical conditioning in general, we draw up a complete planning oftraining to achieve goals, step by step, until reaching the glory of the final goal.


Do not be deceived. There is no magic formula.


There is no diet of 17 days, 21 days, 48 hours, 36 hours that gives real results if you don't change your behavior, that is, your body's activity level.


What exists is aproper follow-up,focusedIt isextremely well plannedwhich, through science and practice, will bring its true results. 


Who would you trust with your health, who is starting now or who has lived this day to day for over 20 years?

We already know the answer, right?

Trust those who have lived this for over 20 yearsand has already assisted the most varied types of people.  The quality of your training combined with proper nutrition does everything you need to get the result you want so much.




Whether online or in person you can be helped.


With my experience ofmore than 20 years  taking care of the performance of athletes and ordinary people I guarantee that your goals will be achieved if you are committed to the planning outlined during the consultation. 


All your queries can be answered through adifferentiated monitoringIt isfocused on your needs.

The baggage acquired   over the years with over 613 students of all ages is what allows me to be assertive in decision-making regarding adapting physical activity to its purpose.

You will experience a complete life change.


You'll learn to push your limits, conquer things you've never achieved before.


Your self-esteem will be renewed, your disposition will be invigorated, your confidence will increase and all this with the practice of regular physical activities.


 The personal trainer service is an accompanimentcustomindividualized  that I do completely focused on your objective. 


This service istaking into account all your needsand specificities, and in this way we follow your evolution in training and in your physical condition. 

This method I used to train several students in these years of experience. Athletes, obese people, people with joint injuries or ordinary people who wanted to increase their performance. 

I know that hiring a personal trainer is difficult due to several factors. I have seen and experienced this in these more than 20 years as a physical educator and gym owner.


One of the main doubts is whether this investment will really bring the desired results.


Knowing this doubt, I advance you thatI base all my work on scienceIt isin the most currentin contemporary physical education, to always bring up-to-date, functional and appropriate concepts to all my students.


Our training will be Adapted to your reality, whether you are an athlete or not, thus guaranteeing a level of excellence in service. 


Personal trainer classes will be given at the central fitness gym in Bela Vista, São Paulo, Rua Santo Antônio, 513. Get in touch and find out more about prices and values.

Personal Trainer em São Paulo



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