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The Central Fitness academy has always seen that jiu-jitsu should be present in people's lives. Whether for leisure or as a means of self-defense, we have always understood that it is better to know and not need than to need and not know. Here at Academia Central Fitness, all of our teachers are top graduates in the sport and are still strong names in the Brazilian jiu-jitsu market, many being state, Brazilian and even international champions. 

Due to the strong growth of martial arts practitioners worldwide, and in view of the violence scenario of our current society, here at the central fitness academy we offer the student the possibility of joining one of the most traditional sports in the world, jiu -jitsu, or in the literal tradition, "gentle art".

The team at the central fitness gym has always been a reference in the central region of São Paulo and, for that, we always make sure we have the best professionals to help our students. Teachers with the highest degree of excellence in the gentle art have passed through here, with international level titles. 

  In addition to doing self-defense work, jiu-jitsu helps to maintain focus, discipline, willpower and respect. Its high caloric expenditure makes it an excellent cardio vascular exercise promoting a high caloric expenditure and favoring the loss of abdominal fat.

The great difference between jiu-jitsu and other arts is its efficiency in which a physically weaker person can overcome a stronger opponent, in addition to the low level of trauma that exists unlike other sports.

Central fitness's jiu-jitsu is suitable for all ages and all people. 

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