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We sincerely hope that this e-book will make a difference in your training and help you get closer to your goals. This is our gift to you who decided to be part of the great Academia Central Fitness family.


We do our best to deliver a lean, quality material with plenty of relevant content so that you can clarify many of your doubts about training.


We have organized this book so that you acquire as much knowledge as possible, for free.


Whether you are an advanced practitioner or a beginner, here we have brought precious information that we have gathered over the years of training and study, putting into practice each theory covered in this e-book.


Central Fitness has been in the fitness / bodybuilding world for more than  19 years and has already helped more than 27,000 students change their lives in that time.


It is one of the most traditional, most eclectic and widest gyms in the center of São Paulo. Offering 1,000 m² of space, more than 9 types of group classes and teachers at all times. 

One of its purposes is to continue motivating and changing lives through physical education. Bringing more health, quality of life and well-being to all its students and future students.

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