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Here at Academia Central Fitness we offer one that is excellent for you who want to lose a lot of fat in a dynamic and fun way. The combat class Here at Central Fitness is a class that combines movements from different types of martial arts in order to increase caloric expenditure and bring relief and well-being to practitioners. We cannot confuse combat with a martial art, the class only simulates the movements so that you can apply them to imaginary opponents.  

The caloric expenditure of a combat class can reach 600 calories in an hour of class depending on the student's effort, and it is a class totally recommended for those who want to get in shape and lose fat while gaining more muscle tone.


Because it is an interactive class with the teacher, the combat class at central fitness becomes a very dynamic and fun class that students love.

In addition to the super effective class, another point that calls attention is the friendship made between students, showing that the gym becomes a socialization center to make new friends and meet other people.

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