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The vast majority of people who have decided to enter the world of classic shock martial arts consider boxing to be an effective system of self-defense. Very often, beginners are interested ​​in how long does it take to master the minimum skills of self-defense and be able to implement them in case of physical aggression from others?

The effectiveness of the training process depends on many subjective factors, ranging from the athlete's initial level of physical fitness to his ability to overcome psychological barriers before a real confrontation with an opponent.

Progress in any martial art for beginners directly depends on the frequency of training and the total duration of training.

How often do you need to attend training?

For a successful start, beginner athletes are recommended to train 3 times a week . This frequency allows the body to adapt to intense physical activity and fully recover for the next class.

In the future, the frequency of visits to the boxing gym depends on the athlete's desire, his capabilities (material and physical) and goals. When preparing for amateur competitions, boxers increase the number of workouts up to 5-6 times a week, professionals - up to 10 times.

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